WB Pro-Mounts: Pro-Line 1/10 2wd Buggy Front, Electron


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WB Pro-mounts shorten race prep time by removing the tire mounting and gluing portion. These tires are mounted, labeled and dated, all you need to do is mount and break them in. **Please allow 2 weeks to be shipped** 

Compound: MC/S3

Wheel/color: AE White/Yellow, TLR White/Yellow

Foam Prep: 2 Holes in Ribs/Rib Cut out/None

  • Rib Cut Out: softest feel, most grip feel but can lack in support on super high grip surfaces
  • 2 Holes In Ribs: Medium Feel, Good balance between grip and support.
  • None: Full foam, great for high grip surfaces, lacks grip feel but more support.

Tread Level:

  • None: Full Tread
  • Sanded 80% Tread: light sanding, square edge of tire removed.
  • Sanded 40% Tread: Pin Sanded to half height, plus tire has a good angle on pin
  • Sanded Ghost Tread: Vary faint remanence of the tread, used when slicks are needed, but more comfortable to drive.

Break In:

  • None: No sauce in tire
  • LW/10min Tire Warmer: tires are Sauced with Liquid Wrench, then put on the tire warmers for 10mins. This helps get the sauce into the tire by opening the pores of the tires and allows the sauce to be absorbed further into the rubber.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in