MOTOWHIPS/WB High Temp Ceramic Exhaust Coating


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The world of 1:8 scale nitro racing is really tough on equipment. Everything from the heat of the engine to the mud being thrown everywhere, the cars definitely are driven through some hard conditions. Taking some of the technology used in motocross and supercross, we have come up with a coating that will protect your brand-new exhaust, give it some style and make it very easy to clean.

With our new High Temp Ceramic Coating, your Exhaust system will be protected from dirt stains, fuel stains, and the eventual dull finish. Ceramic coatings are specifically designed to protect metals as well as easing cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, (hopefully your car is never this hot) the coating is good up to 1200°F without discoloration. Lastly, the coating also helps with heat dissipation, making it perfect for an exhaust system.

The process takes 7-10 business days to be coated and cured. Please plan accordingly when ordering. Visit to place your order and fill out the service form. Price is per 1 exhaust.

**We reserve the right to reject any exhaust system that we feel is too damaged, to coat. Exhaust system must be in clean working condition prior to coating. Old pipes will be subject to a cleaning fee. The customer will be contacted prior to service starting. If you have a questionable exhaust, send us an email and we will get back to you.

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Dimensions 9 x 6 x 2 in