2-n-1 Throttle Return Spring Kit


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While running nitro, it is important to have a safety feature in the event of a radio failure. Most racer’s rely on an extra spring in order to shut down the carburetor and keep the car from running away. While this method works, it is quite clunky and doesn’t look, as we would put it, clean. We decided to do a 2-n-1 throttle return spring. This little conversion kit utilizes a flanged button head screw and 4 small, but tough rubber bands.

Installation is simple.

  • First, remove the standard throttle spring from your throttle linkage. (only the throttle spring, not the brake springs)
  • Re-install the linkage exactly the way it was before, just without the return spring
  • Remove the set screw from the collar and install the 3x8mm flanged button head screw into the collar. This will be where the bands are hooked to the linkage. (use thread lock)
  • Next, stretch the bands over the top of the air filter and slide them down to the base of the carburetor.
  • Once at the base of the carburetor, stretch them around the 3x8mm flanged button head screw.
  • Now, everything should be ready to go, double check your linkage settings before firing up the engine to be safe!


  • (2) 3x8mm Stainless button head flanged screws
  • (8) Throttle Return Bands

Fits most, if not all 1/8th Nitro vehicles. If you are unsure if it will work for your car, email us at walliebuilds@gmail.com

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