New Product- B6/D Gold Titanium Tie Rods (Pre BUilt)

March 3, 2017

B6/D Gold Titanium Tie Rods (Pre Built)

Here at Wallie Builds, we want to keep the fun going for our customers. Assembling tie rods can be one of the most annoying and time consuming parts of a build. So we took that into consideration and decided to take care of that part for you. Introducing, B6/D Gold Titanium pre built tie rods!

These tie rods come ready to be installed onto your B6 or B6D kit. Before each ball cup is hand threaded on, we coat the threads in black grease to ease adjustment on the car. Save your fingers, save your time and get that factory look today with our new pre built tie rod sets!


B6/D Gold Titanium Tie Rods (Pre Built)

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